My Story

Trust me, I have been there

I know what it feels like to be lost, not knowing where to go, not knowing who you are and also how to fail. I have always trusted my gut and followed my deep desire to improve my life and seek adventure. I was never really happy in Germany and that is why I decided to leave and move out of my parents’ place when I was 20. My journey took me to the Netherlands where I did a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management and spend 6 months abroad in Bangkok, finishing up with a 12 months internship in London.  

I never really knew what I wanted from life though. I just knew that I wanted to grow and discover my true potential. Coming out of University I was completely clueless about what job I should enter into. Ultimately, I decided to start a career in sales because it teaches you a lot about discipline, resilience, business, personal development, communication and interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, I did not listen to my body and ignored all warning signals in the years that followed. 

In 2018 just turning 28 years of age my life turned completely upside down, I broke up my girlfriend at the time, started having anxiety attacks, my health deteriorated, I burned myself out completely to the point that I had to move back in with my dear parents after having lived an independent life abroad since I was 20 years old. My burnout was driven by a lack of vision, purpose, self-love, expectations from people around me, not setting clear boundaries, limiting beliefs and holding on to a certain false identity of a London Life Hustler. 

This particular phase in my life brought me to the where I am today. I moved back to the Netherlands in July 2020 during the corona pandemic and managed to find a job that helped me to start my new life. Having lived in a city like London it was actually a relief to be living in a much smaller quite town like Utrecht. Over the course of the last two years I completely turned my life around which also involved me taking part in several life and career coaching programs myself. What really helped me especially during the pandemic is to have positive self talk, exercises as much as possible to release those good hormones like dopamine and for sure journaling. 

Now I know that all of the things that happened over the last 10 years brought me to the point where I belief that I was ultimately destined to be. I would like to give back to society and live my life in service to others. My goal is to build a successful coaching business in order to help as many people as possible guiding them during a small part of their journeys and opening their eyes and hearts to the abundant opportunities of what we call life.

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